Hello! I’m Charlotte

Yoga Alliance Experienced teacher

My passion for yoga developed from my enjoyment of the physical and spiritual in the practice. It has always been a home for me to return to in stressful times, helping me deal with issues of acceptance and esteem.

I did my initial teacher training in Sivananda yoga at the organisation’s ashram in Austria in 2008; my advanced Sivananda yoga teacher training in 2013 at its ashram in the Bahamas; and the Sadhana Intensive (a course in advanced breathing techniques) in 2015 at its ashram in Madurai, India.

I also have a degree in acupuncture and have recently trained in Yin Yoga with Sarah Lo (a form based on traditional Chinese Medicine).

I have also trained in and practised yoga and meditation at ashrams, yoga centres, and monasteries around the world, including the Sivananda ashrams in Orleans, France and Neyyar Dam, India; Centro Ewam in Florence, Italy; Mandala Ashram, Wales; Samye Ling Monastery, Scotland.